Events for kids and the whole family with Out & Seek

It can be hard at times to find events and activities to do with kids and the whole family. And trying to find inclusive and accessible events is even more of a challenge. In speaking with Sidney, the founder at Out & Seek, this challenge sparked a passion for him to create and promote a greater sense of inclusion and access within event and spaces.




At Out & Seek, Sidney explains its mission to create events that are for the whole community centered around inclusion and access. In his previous experience with working in disability, Sidney came across challenges his clients faced when accessing events and spaces. He realised the lack of options within finding great events where they could go to. “Working with disability sparked the idea to create Out & Seek as a platform that drives inclusion”, explains Sidney. “Working with my clients, helped uncover a lot of these issues such as misinformation on events and how there was a lack of action to solve for it.”


In growing the platform, Sidney hopes to attract interest from larger events to make equal access the norm. “Out & Seek’s main goal is to drive greater inclusion for the community with businesses, events and spaces “, says Sidney. “Ultimately, we want to be an all-round resource for everybody, including families and kids to use when they want to go to an event or find inclusive spaces”.


“Around 7.4% (or 329,000) of Australian children aged 0–14 had some level of disability”. It’s a missed opportunity to not include people and children with a disability i.e. building something like a ramp impacts more than just someone with a disability, parents with prams would greatly benefit of this”.


Out & Seek Founder Sidney with client | How Out & Seek helps families, parents and carers with activity ideas


Sidney explains that most businesses won’t consider investing in accessibility without commercial justification. “For example, ‘will we still sell enough tickets without investing in an accessible space?’ From the perspective of businesses it comes down to numbers. It’s about drawing attention and letting business know that this market is huge!”


If you’re after events for the whole family especially for kids, you can use Out & Seek as your resource to find inclusive and accessible events.



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