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Here’s how we make babysitting a breeze.

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  1. Trust and safety

    All Kiddo babysitters have had their ID verified to government records using the latest in technology. Their Working With Children Check (Blue Card in QLD) has also been verified, so you can have confidence in who your babysitter is.

    Kiddo also allows you to book your current known babysitters - simply invite them to download the app!

  2. Instant booking

    Select the time and day you need care — a list of available babysitters in your local area will show — book your babysitter instantly! No more awkward asking or lengthy texting back and forth (yes it is every parent’s dream)!

  3. Organized conversations

    Our in-app messaging allows you to communicate with your babysitter in a central location, making it a simpler and more effective way to refer back to this dialogue whenever you need. It isn’t lost in a barrage of texts or messengers amongst a whole heap of other babysitter numbers!

  4. Cashless payments

    Our cashless payment system means no stumbling for cash at the end of the night, payment is made through the app - easy.

  5. Build your favourites

    Build a list of your ‘Favourite’ babysitters (including the babysitters you already use and trust) so that you can have them at your fingertips. Share your favourites with your friends.

FAQS – Parents

  • What checks are completed on Babysitters?

    All Kiddo babysitters have had their ID verified to government records using the latest in technology.

    Their Working With Children Check (Blue Card in QLD) has also been verified, so you can have confidence in who your babysitter is.

  • How much does Kiddo cost?

    It is FREE to sign up and search for Babysitters on Kiddo!
    Unlike many other babysitting agencies and online babysitting booking sites, we don’t charge any subscription or membership fees.

    If you are looking for an ongoing care arrangement or a nanny, we do charge a small $49 for this search.

    Kiddo empowers its Babysitters by allowing them to set their own charge rates. The rates are dependant on the time of day, the number of children in care and length of booking.

    Each Babysitter’s individual fee will show in the list of “Available Carers” once you’ve input your booking details and search for available Babysitters.

  • How can Kiddo help with NDIS/Special needs care?

    Kiddo has recently launched its NDIS and special care services.

    If you are an existing parent and have used Kiddo for sometime, we ask that you update your childs details so we know what their needs are.

    The next time you make a booking, we ensure we match you with support workers that are matched to your needs.

    Your booking is prepaid, however at the end of the booking, we instantly send a receipt to you and your plan manager for reimbursement.

    For our more newer parents, you will simply input your child’s needs as you register 🙂

  • What can Kiddo be used for?

    Kiddo can be used to book your current trusted Babysitters, making it a streamlined process. All the while, helping them build their brand and reputations through your reviews and job counts! You will just need to invite them via the Kiddo App!

    When travelling simply update your booking address and we will connect you to nearby Babysitters!

    We now also offer Ongoing Care, so you can find a Carer for ongoing bookings. Our Carers can assist with school drop-offs and pickups and just about any request you have. Simply input an Ongoing Care request in the app and for a small fee of $49 we will provide you with 1-3 canidadates that can help at the time you need!

    Children with special needs can also be matched to Support workers with experience and matched to your childs needs.

  • Can I speak to my carer before booking?

    We understand that getting to know your Babysitter is super important.  After all, they will be looking after your children and we know they are your world!

    Kiddo Babysitters are able to upload an intro video – so you can get to know them a little more.

    Once booked, you will be able to directly call your Babysitter if you need to or use our in app messaging to communicate too.

  • Is my personal information safe with Kiddo?

    Kiddo takes the safety and wellbeing of your children AND your personal information seriously! Your data is encrypted and kept safe on our systems and re-encrypted anytime we use it.

    Your address is only shared once you’ve made a booking with a Babysitter you’ve selected. Your Profile is only ever visible by a Babysitter once you’ve selected them.

  • How do I pay my Babysitter?

    Kiddo has an in-app payment system that allows you to pay for your booking via your debit or credit card.

    Kiddo debits your card once your booking is confirmed with the Babysitter. Funds are only released to the Babysitter following completion of the job.

    If your booking runs over and all parties have agreed to this, you can simply tap the “Job run overtime” button at the end of the booking to top up payment in half-hour increments.

    There is no need for cash to ever exchange hands!


  • Are my Credit Card details safe?

    Kiddo uses a globally renowned company, Stripe to process credit card transactions. They are known for their focus on security and manage credit card payments for some of the largest companies in the world.
    Your credit card details are kept secure directly in Stripe’s Vault, which means that not even Kiddo can access these details.

  • What happens when someone cancels?

    Kiddo Babysitters understand their reputation is heavily at stake and our rating system would penalize them for anything less than fabulous service and cancellations rarely occur.

    However, in the event that your Babysitter cancels, you know you can rely on our network of thousands of babysitters to rebook with an alternative. We recommend doing this as soon as possible, so your potential new Carer has as much notice as possible.

    You are not charged a cancellation fee if your Babysitter cancels, however if you cancel your booking, a $10 fee applies.

  • What do all the symbols mean in available Babysitters?

    When perusing the list of “Available Carers” and Babysitter profiles, please look out for symbols 
that highlight their extra services they may provide:

    • First aid qualifications
    • Driver’s licence
    • Has own car
    • Can do light duties
    • Can do pick up/drop off
  • What happens if I need to change the timing of my booking?

    We know sometimes plans can change a little! If you need to change the timing of your booking – we suggest contacting your Babysitter using our in-app messaging.

    Touch base to ask that they can start earlier/later and also confirm if you will be adjusting the end time or if you want to top-up for the additional time at the end of the booking.

    For example, if your booking ran from 6pm to 10pm and you wanted your babysitter to start at 5:30 pm. You could suggest either coming home earlier at 9:30pm or alternatively, you could use our “Job run overtime” button at the end of the booking to top-up for the extra half-hour payment.

    Whatever you do – just make sure communication is clear and the Babysitter has given the OK to do so.

    If you need to change the date of the booking, please cancel the booking and make a new one.

  • What happens if I cancel a booking?

    We know things can change, so if you need to cancel a booking we ask that you do so as quickly as possible, just so your babysitter can reschedule their time.

    When your booking is cancelled, your refund is initiated automatically. Banks can take 3-5 days to put this back on your card, so keep an eye out for this then.

    We do charge a $10 cancellation fee, this is to help us a small business cover the merchant costs associated with your booking.

  • Where is Kiddo available?

    Kiddo is currently servicing the following areas:




    Far North QLD;


    Gold Coast;

    Sunshine Coast.

    As our fan base grows we will look to expand into new locations!

  • Want to read our Terms & Conditions

    Our terms and conditions can be found at

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