Kiddo's 5 Best Apps for Families

5 apps that will help keep you organised, save time and money!

We know that the new year of school is just around the corner and for many it brings new routines, extra drop-offs and a huge adjustment. As parents, we are all wondering how we are going to adjust and cope just as much as the Kiddos! Kiddo understands how hectic parenthood can be, so we have compiled a list of our 5 Best Apps for Families - all free course.

We hope we can make your life a little easier through some of our favourite apps!

Woolworths App (no this is not a paid add!!)


The Woolworths app allows you to literally scan through your pantry to curate your grocery shopping list. From here the app gets to know your shopping habits.

Once you have your saved shopping list, you can simply open the app and pick through the list of groceries you need. From here you can then nominate a time for delivery (in most cases this is the next day) and have groceries delivered to your kitchen bench! We recommend an annual delivery fee – which means you can choose your preferred time slot for delivery anytime with free delivery.

It saves the Kiddo household a good two hours a week of time that would normally be at the grocery store and keeping to a strict shopping list also helps save dollars! We wish we knew about this app when we had newborns!

Cozi App

Cozi is a simple way to manage everyday family life. It’s an app that you can use with your family to keep track of everything that you’ve got planned – like a shared electronic calendar. With its shared calendar, reminders, grocery list and more, Cozi really makes life easier.

You can send agenda emails to members of your family, notifications for events and link this calendar to other calendars you use on your phone.

We came across this one in our co-parenting journey – so it is also a great app for co-parenting parents to use too! It even allows you to store and share favourite recipes, which is hand to keep meals consistent and deal with food allergies across two homes.

Yummly App

This app is great. When you first log on you select the types of cuisines you like (be sure to also select ‘kid-friendly’). You can also note any allergies/dietary requirements, any disliked foods (who has a Kiddo that doesn’t like Avocado) and it will personalise a list of recipes for you!

This app has over 2 million recipes and it's like an electronic recipe book at your fingertips! You can filter recipes down to ‘time to prepare’ and ‘number of ingredients’. So you can use it for quick and simple ideas or more extravagant meals (when the in-laws come to visit)!

Super easy to read and based on your scheduled eat time, it will work backwards to let you know when you should start cooking. Eek maybe we should be recommending a food delivery service app!! LOL

Happy Kids Timer

If your morning is spent frantically running around trying to get kids ready for their day whilst also getting ready yourself, then this is the app for you! Happy Kids Timer app helps by turning around the morning get ready routine into a game that encourages kids to get ready without the help of a parent.

The app simply gives your child a task – then gives them a time limit to complete it (and a minimum time for things like brushing your teeth). Your child will collect ‘stars’ for completing things on time, and will eventually be rewarded after completing things on time on multiple occasions. This app is great for teaching your child healthy living habits!

7-minute workout challenge

For parents on the new year health kick, the 7-minute workout app is a must. This one is definitely to help mums and dads!  It’s a great way to squeeze a little exercise in daily without being a huge impost of going to the gym. The app has voice activation and runs you through the exercises. There’s a rotation of a certain number of exercises and give you whole-body workout.

This one is great to do with friends and even challenge yourself to do more and more each day. With the voice over its like having a personal trainer in your pocket – without the expense! Better still get the Kiddos involved with counting whilst you are doing the push-ups?

The best till last - Kiddo App!

Finally, the best of the 'Best Apps for Families' is Kiddo (that’s us!) and, if you're counting this one is an added bonus to our list of top 5!  Kiddo is the ultimate app to make parents lives easier! We’re here for you whenever you need to make last-minute childcare arrangements, book a babysitter, or just need a helping hand.

You can check out more about what our app does here or download Kiddo app here:


So there you have our pick of the  5 Best Apps for Families. We hope they help you save time, money and stress.