Mums journey to help Parents find Babysitters

Trying to find a babysitter drove me to build Kiddo App

Hi I’m Bec, the mother behind Kiddo, an app designed to make Babysitting a breeze. As we approach the official launch of Kiddo, I thought it was time to let you know a little more about me, my story and the 'why' behind Kiddo.

I had written a rather long article about my journey to get to Kiddo, but I know as a mother myself we just don’t have too much time to read long stories, so here is a snippet!

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My girl - my world

I’m a mum of two, step-mum, wife, lover of travelling, food and of dogs. My working journey started when I was 12, babysitting myself! I have always worked and continued to do so putting myself through university. I grew up in a single-parent family, and my Mum’s extended family lived in another country.

My Mother has always been my inspiration. She takes everything in her stride and growing up with not much but each other. She taught us to always be grateful for what we did have (each other, our happiness and health) and how to treat people the right way, she really sacrificed so much to be there to raise my brother and I singe handily. She only ever wanted the best for us and wanted us to live good lives. She told us with hard work anything could be possible. This is a legacy I want my girls to live by – women can do anything, we can push through anything despite the challenges, we can be the best we can and we can make a difference!

Mum walked me down the aisle at my wedding – it was her lifelong dream

Before I was a mother, I really loved going out, wining and dining (who doesn’t right), but I guess that all changed when I had children. Our lives get turned upside down, yes definitely for the better but things are different. We put our children first, our nature to nurture kicks in and we as mothers, put ourselves last. Last to eat, last to sleep and are always feeling guilty about being the best parent we can.


Working mum – met John Howard at a networking breakfast

My daughter didn’t sleep well for the first two years of her life. Being a working mum, I found this really hard. It was exhausting meeting the demands of work, motherhood and I never put myself first at all. I always wanted to be there to be the best I could for my baby.

When I let go and let ‘the Village’ in to help

I had to let go of being a control freak and letting go of always being there for my daughter. I had to let ‘the Village’ come to help me. It’s funny, throughout my Kiddo journey I’ve learned that some parents are willing for ‘the Village’ to help earlier in a child’s life, some later in life – but what I do know is that ONLY YOU will know when you and your children are ready for this.

So the journey began to find a babysitter, I honestly didn’t know where to go. I didn't know who to trust or what I needed to check to make sure they were safe. All my friends at the time had babies and didn't know any babysitters yet, so they were no help. I couldn’t really ask someone with a newborn to babysit another toddler!!
I managed to find a friend’s niece that could babysit, then I didn’t know how much to pay her and I really just didn’t know where to start. Miff was great, I really trusted her (still do to this day), she became our go to Babysitter. But then there was this day when my husband and I were invited to a last-minute corporate function. We couldn’t say no it was a free day out!! With only a few days’ notice, panic set it (not only on what to wear, but how did we ask Miff to babysit, it felt rude to ask with such short notice). Miff wasn’t available and our family being two hours’ drive away made it near impossible to ask with such short notice. We really knew at this point in time, there really had to be a better way.

It was a few more times of trying to book a babysitter and conversations with other mums, that really made me think. Why was babysitting always synonymous with words such as ‘too hard’, ‘taking too long to book’, ‘not knowing where to go or who to trust’, ‘not knowing how much to pay’. Why wasn’t there a quick and easy way to book our current babysitters without the awkward conversations, why couldn’t we see who the best babysitters were – no such place existed!

This is where the little spark of an idea came into existence to create an easy, safe, fast way to find a babysitter, and Kiddo App was born.

Kiddo was created to help Parents find Babysitters

So I set on my journey in late 2018, I had this idea in my head and mapped it all out. Exactly how I wanted Kiddo to work – the sharing amongst friends, the ease of booking (I still have all my paper drawings) and how the babysitters would be verified. I did all my research, read all the legislation and understood everything there was when it came to Babysitting.

Since then I have worked tirelessly every single day, to help Parents find Babysitters. Finding the best quality babysitters I can, designing the app and literally talking to anyone and everyone I can about babysitting (Kiddo has to be what the people want).

I know some people have gone through long journeys to even have children. I also know that our children are our everything – for us all. So safety and trust have been paramount in everything I’ve done. Kiddo really helps parents understand who the reliable “Superstar Babysitters” are in their local communities. Kiddo also expands the Babysitting network for these babysitters – it is a way we can all share to lead better lives!

As a lover of travel, I have designed Kiddo so it can travel with you too! Yes,  Kiddo has verified babysitters throughout South East QLD (plans to expand Nationally real soon), so you can enjoy a date night/corporate function when travelling and not be a prisoner in your hotel room!


Kiddo is here to help us all

My Kiddo journey has been a HUGE learning curve, there have been days where I have asked “WHAT AM I DOING?” but what keeps me going is knowing that Kiddo will help so many people!

Kiddo will help so many in the community and that makes my heart so full

Kiddo will help the parents that may be struggling, that may not have that ‘Village’. It will also help the babysitters out there that are working really hard to get ahead in life! I also know that I am setting an example to my children – that anything is really possible if you give it a go.

I am so glad that I am building something that will change people’s lives. It will make their days easier; it will help that Dad reconnect with his friends; it will help that Mother meet the work commitments she needs to – because we all need a village to help raise our children. Kiddo is here to be part of your village.

Rebecca Dredge
Founder of Kiddo App