25 Activities to entertain kids at home

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25 Activities to entertain kids at home - because we can never have enough new ideas to keep the Kiddos busy!

Whether you have chosen to keep your children home to keep them healthy/not compromising our at-risk community. Perhaps you are in fact faced with mandatory self-isolation. In any case, we know it will be hard on everyone.

Our children miss out - seeing their friends, having a set routine and seeing their teachers and even grandparents. For some parents it will feel stressful like school holidays (even more so if you are working from home) , except this time being housebound! For other parents it may be easy as they are used to homeschooling. Either way, let's ensure we all have the best experience we can whilst cooped up at home!

Here are 25 activities to entertain your kids whilst at home:

  1. Open up the boardgame cupboard - play an oldie
  2. Create a healthy juice and learn about vitamins
  3. Draw around bodies and name parts of the body
  4. Make coloured rice for sensory play - See below for recipe
  5. Jigsaw puzzle
  6. Colour in - we will have some templates to come soon
  7. Find numbers around the house
  8. Go for a walk - create a nature hunt list
  9. Create a map of your home, school, park etc
  10. Watch a David Attenborough documentary
  11. Research different cultures in your area
  12. Learn how to say hello in different languages
  13.  Make a cubby
  14.  Play hot and cold (learn distance)
  15. Practice Yoga (youtube video) with parents
  16. Help with online shopping by checking the pantry
  17. Create early Mothers Day/Fathers Day presents - pasta necklaces for the win! See below for recipe
  18. Make play doh - recipe here
  19. Lego
  20. Create handwashing posters
  21. Go for a ride or scooter
  22. Make use of your recycle bin goods (not the wine bottles) - add some rice inside an empty toilet roll for a shaker
  23. Bake a cake - freeze portions to avoid waste
  24. Make slime - steal some of dads shaving cream
  25. Remember to have a nap - cause Mum or Dad might need one too!




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