Terms and conditions:

a. The member benefits code is exclusive to invited Members only and cannot be transferred to anyone else.
b. You agree that you will only post the unique code in places where only members have access. We reserve the right to prohibit any code to be used if we have deemed it inappropriate for the offer in our sole and absolute discretion.
c. You agree that ‘spamming’ other individuals to join Kiddo via unsolicited email, direct mail, message boards or any other means is strictly prohibited for the discount code.
d. You agree that any correspondence of your unique code made by you will be done without use of i-frames, bots, or any other method of automated distribution.
e. You agree that any content used by you in association with the Unique Code will not include inappropriate content that we determine in our sole and absolute discretion could be expected to negatively impact Kiddo’s goodwill or reputation.
f. We reserve the right to remove you from participating in this promotion if we determine in our sole and absolute discretion that you have violated any of these restrictions, and at such time, you agree that you will forfeit all discount codes.
g. You acknowledge and agree that we may change or modify the terms of this offer, in whole or in part, or terminate this offer in its entirety.

h. These terms and conditions are in conjunction with our Standard Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines.