Leaving Baby for the First Time

5 Tips for a Successful First Date Night After Baby

The first few weeks, and even months, after having a baby can be all-consuming, with lengthy feeding sessions, sleepless nights and adjusting to life with a newborn, so the idea of a date night might just be very welcomed. But you may be worried about leaving baby for the first time.

While it might be equally exciting and nerve-wracking to consider leaving bub for a few hours and being an adult again, we’re sharing our top tips to make leaving baby for the first time as stress-free as possible for everyone involved.

Prepare ahead for feeds
Whether you’re breastfeeding, or formula-feeding, or both, be sure to plan ahead so that any feeds that need to happen while you’re away are as smooth-sailing as possible. If you’re breastfeeding, and have been able to express feed, make sure that there is enough for a full feed while you’re away and that bub is comfortable taking a bottle. Similarly, if you’re formula-feeding, have a bottle made up or clear instructions for the babysitter to make one up while you’re away.

Choose your babysitter
The beauty of the Kiddo App is that you can browse the available, and verified carers in your area to find one that suits your needs, and who has experience with younger babies. Knowing that your carer has worked with newborns before, and may even have experience in First Aid, can give you the confidence to have time away without the stress. Once you’ve booked, you can even arrange a phone call, or a meeting prior to the night, to introduce the sitter to the baby, and show her around your home.

Leave a list
In the days leading up to the night, you’ll likely have thoughts pop into your head, so it’s a great idea to compile a list of things you want the babysitter to know. Things like how to heat the bottle, what time to feed, and even how the baby should be wrapped for bed. Knowing that everything is in one easy place for the sitter, will make life easier for all parties.

Communicate your needs
Some parents will prefer not to hear from the babysitter unless they really need to so that they can relax and unwind while they’re having time away, but others will want to know that everything is OK. You can communicate with your sitter with what your needs are, even simply asking to send a photo once the baby is asleep. Just let the babysitter know what you need to
feel confident.

Keep it quick
The first night is always what we like to call a test run, and that’s mostly for the first-time parents. Plan to go to dinner close-by so that you can pop home if you need, and making it a short dinner will give you the confidence to do it again at another time too. With booking through the Kiddo App, the final payment is organised in the App, meaning you don’t have to do a last minute dash to ATMs or grab cash out. You can head home, and say goodbye to your sitter without any added worries.

Most importantly, have fun, and remember that it’s only easier from the first date onwards.