Understanding ECEI and NDIS: How Kiddo Supports Children with Developmental Needs

How Kiddo supports Children through ECEI Support Services and NDIS

Kiddo can assist families receiving early intervention services with a set of complementary services designed to support parents in enhancing the care and progress of their child through the ECEI support services. By providing families access to needed childcare and assistance. Here’s how Kiddo can make a difference supporting children with developmental delays:

Finding Support Workers

Kiddo assists families in finding qualified and compassionate support workers who can provide personalized care and assistance to children. These support workers play a crucial role in helping children with their daily activities, promoting independence, and ensuring they receive the care they need.

Assistance at Home with Children

Understanding that home is where a child spends most of their time, Kiddo offers in-home support services. These services may include:

  • Personal Care: Assisting children with daily living activities such as dressing, eating, and personal hygiene.
  • Educational Support: Helping children with homework and learning activities.
  • Recreational Activities: Engaging children in play and recreational activities that promote physical and cognitive development.

Attending Therapy Sessions

Kiddo may support families by providing much needed care arrangements or assistance to attend therapy sessions for children. This can include:

  • Transportation Assistance: Potentially helping families get to and from therapy sessions.
  • Providing childcare: Parents can book childcare (traditional Babysitters) for siblings to ensure the family can attend appointments, ensuring that therapy sessions fit into the family's routine.
  • Therapist Collaboration: Working closely with therapists to ensure that the child's therapy goals are being met and integrated into their daily life.

Building Capacity

Kiddo focuses on building the capacity of children and their families to manage and overcome developmental challenges. This can involve:

  • Skill Development: Teaching children essential life skills that promote independence and self-reliance.
  • Parental Training: Providing parents with the tools and knowledge they need to support their child's development effectively.
  • Community Involvement: Encouraging participation and assistance in community activities to enhance social skills and integration.

Success Stories

Kiddo has helped numerous children achieve significant developmental milestones, improve their quality of life, and enhance their participation in everyday activities with their Support Workers. By supporting families to provide early and effective interventions through ECEI support services. Kiddo is a valuable service to support families and their children with developmental delays or disabilities have the best possible start in life.


"Kiddo has helped me tremendously. Before Kiddo, I struggled finding someone skilled and who fits in with my busy schedule. Kiddo fits in with my needs and has helped by being accommodating to the needs and busy life I live with my kids.

Sarah, the support worker, is professional, kind, caring, trustworthy, and empathic to my struggles. Sarah has helped my 4-year-old son, Will, with his areas of delay. She has helped develop his fine and gross motor skills and provided one-on-one support at his kinder.

Sarah has seen Will weekly for the last two months and keeps me updated and communicates how he is going. Will and I are happy, as he has consistency and Sarah gets to see him grow and Will enjoys seeing Sarah at every session. I am a proud parent knowing I am helping him achieve his learning milestones and his accomplishments. Sarah has become a familiar face and someone he knows and trusts.

Thanks to Kiddo, I can rest easy knowing I am helping my son and that he is in good hands with his learning developments. Thank you Kiddo, you're a true lifesaver :)" – A grateful parent


The combination of ECEI support services and NDIS provides a robust framework for supporting children with developmental needs. Kiddo connects families to Support Workers to ensure children receive the best possible care and support enabling goal achievement. By connecting families quickly and easily to support workers, Kiddo helps children achieve their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.

For more information on how Kiddo can support your child through ECEI support services and NDIS in general, you will need to discuss your participant's individual goals and plan with your Support Co-Ordinator, LAC or Plan Manager (given that these all differ and are specific to your child's individual needs and NDIS Plan).

You can visit Kiddo’s website to learn more or download Kiddo App to find a Support Worker near you.

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