Childcare for Essential workers

The Covid pandemic brings with it so many uncertainties. What happens when you are an Essential worker and you need childcare options. We have had many parents reach out requesting help, its the least we can do when it comes to our part in the battle against covid. Here are some of the reasons Essential worker parents have used Kiddo as a childcare option:


  1. Child may have an underlying health issue

The last thing you want to do is to put your child at risk if they have an underlying health issue. We've had Essential workers that have children that have underlying RSV or respiratory issues. They have told us the last thing that they want to do is send their child to a potential petri dish of further germs in a public setting. So they have opted to book private care through Kiddo.


2. Outside hours care - Essential worker

We have supported nurses, government workers and doctors - after all they need childcare at different times of the day. They might need someone for a 5am start. Kiddo Carers can help with the situations when one couldn't normally take their little one to day care/school due to the time their shift starts.


3. Nanny has fallen ill

Sure many families might have a Nanny, but what happens when they need a Covid test and have to isolate for 3 days waiting for the result. Parents have booked a Kiddo Carer to help with this also. We are a perfect way to find last minute care to cover!


4. Grandparents may be compromised

We love the help that Grandparents can provide, its great to for our little ones to have these relationships. But during Covid the last thing you want to do is compromise them, especially if they are not yet vaccinated or have an underlying issue. Our Kiddo Carers range in ages - some are mature age and can easily step in as a surrogate Grandparent for your interim needs.


These are just some of the reasons our Essential workers book a babysitter or nanny as a childcare option. Kiddo is proud that we can help others in this desperate time of need. We also can't wait for restrictions to lift - because all of our babysitters and nannies depend on this income too!


Kiddo is here for Essential workers and for those people that may be considering a nanny option going forward, we can also assist with this with our "Kiddo Connect" feature. For a small $49 fee we can search our database to see who can instantly help for ongoing care.


For those parents that have not yet booked a babysitter, you might find this article of interest "Finding a Babysitter"  . For our tips on "Childcare during Coronavirus".

For further information about the QLD and NSW Government guidelines, we recommend visiting their sites - here QLD and NSW.

Stay safe everyone!

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