Childcare during Coronavirus

Support for Kiddo Carers

As  Coronavirus "COVID-19" spreads further, we see it affecting our day to day lives even more. Hygiene, social distancing and quarantine are now common terms we hear many times in a day. Childcare during coronavirus will become more important as our health professionals need to assist with those in need, more parents will be forced to work from home and we may see the closure of schools and daycare facilities.

At Kiddo we take the safety and wellbeing of our children, parents and carers very seriously! We want to make sure we all stay healthy and informed of best practices when it comes to Coronavirus - so everyone at Kiddo continues to receive the level of care and professionalism we are renowned for.

Here are some tips and resources for our Kiddo Carers during this time:

Tips and resources for Childcare during Coronavirus

1 . Practice the Essentials

As someone who works with kids all the time, you’re used to germs being a constant battle.  Keep doing the things you already do:

  •  Bring hand sanitizer and tissues with you everywhere
  •  Continue to wash your hands and those in your care. Do this to a fun 20-second song to engage the little ones eg. Alphabet, Happy birthday
  • Ensure touching your face is kept to a minimum
  • Disinfect surfaces, toys and hard surfaces
  •  If you are sick - stay at home!

2. Communication is Key

Make sure everyone is on the same page about hygiene practices. Parents are usually concerned about their child’s well-being, but when there’s something new and alarming happening in the world, that concern can grow significantly. Continue to build trust with the families you work with by initiating a conversation about how you already address hygiene for yourself, how you will implement and practice their requirements during your booking.

If you do become unwell immediately contact admin at so we can work with you to cover the bookings you may have to cancel. If you have returned from overseas, been in contact with a known COVID19 case - you MUST remove your availability in your Kiddo calendar for at least 14 days to avoid being booked.

In the event you are unwell, you must follow government guidelines regarding COVID19. If you acquire the COVID19 virus at any stage you are required to provide a medical clearance letter from your doctor to return to Kiddo.

Our Kiddo parents will also be cancelling bookings in the event they are concerned about COVID, so everyone just needs to be a little understanding during this time.

3. Kiddo is here for the community

The whole world is facing uncertain times, we may have school/daycare closures in place soon. Many parents will be forced to work from home. There will also be many more health workers called in to work to help manage this crisis.

Remember Kiddo is here as a resource for the community. If you know a family that needs assistance working from home or will need last-minute childcare during Coronavirus Crisis - let them know about Kiddo. We are a valuable resource to connect parents to carers in times of need.

We may also see many daycare workers/teachers displaced as schools/daycares are closed. Let them know about Kiddo also - they may be needed in the community to help with childcare during these times.

4. Complete the training and stay up to date with Government announcements

To keep yourself and the community safe and healthy, pay attention to credible sources of information about the disease. The Australian government has regular updates about COVID-19 here.

We also request that you complete the online course "Infection Control Training - COVID19" here. It is free to complete and takes approx 15 minutes to complete. This training module covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19.

Once you have completed the module, be sure to update your Kiddo profile to state you have completed it. This will help parents feel a little more at ease when booking care.

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